Title: Anagrams
            From: "Monty Python's Brand New Papperbok"
  Transcribed By: Jonathan Partington

      An announcement Because of the Anagrams dispute it has been decided to
      devote the rest of this space to a page specially written for people who
      like figures of speech, for the not a few fans of litotes, and those
      with no small interest in meiosis, for the infinite millions of
      hyperbole-lovers, for those fond of hypallage, and the epithet's golden
      transfer, for those who fall willingly into the arms of the metaphor,
      those who give up the ghost, bury their heads in the sand and ride
      roughshod over the mixed metaphor, and even those of hyperbaton the
      friends.  It will be too, for those who reprehend the malapropism; who
      love the wealth of metonymy; for all friends of rhetoric and syllepsis;
      and zeugmatists withsmiling eyes and hearts.  It will bring a large
      absence of unsatisfactory malevolence to periphrastic fans; a wig harm
      bello to spoonerists; and in nosmall measure a not less than splendid
      greeting to you circumlocutors.  The World adores prosopopeiasts, and
      the friendly faces of synechdotists, and can one not make those amorous
      of anacoluthon understand that if they are not satisfied by this, what
      is to happen to them?  It will attempt to really welcome all splitters
      of infinitives, all who are Romeo and Juliet to antonomasia, those who
      drink up similes like sparkling champagne, who lose nothing compared
      with comparison heads, self-evident axiomists, all pithy aphorists,
      apothegemists, maximiles, theorists, epigrammatists and evengnomists.
      And as for the lovers of aposiopesis -- !  It will wish bienvenu to all
      classical adherents of euphuism, all meta thesi stic birds, golden
      paranomasiasts covered in guilt, fallacious paralogists, trophists,
      anagogists, and anaphorists; to greet, welcome, embrace asyndeton buffs,
      while the lovers of ellipsis will be well-met and its followers
      embraced, as will be chronic worshippers of catachresis and supporters
      of anastrophe the world over.

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