Title: The Hospital
            From: Monty Python's Flying Circus
  Transcribed By: unknown

(Mr. Bertenshaw and his sick wife arrive at a hospital.)
Doctor: Mr. Bertenshaw? 
Mr. B:  Me, Doctor. 
Doctor: No, me doctor, you Mr. Bertenshaw. 
Mr. B:  My wife, doctor... 
Doctor: No, your wife patient. 
Sister: Come with me, please. 
Mr. B:  Me, Sister? 
Doctor: No, she Sister, me doctor, you Mr. Bertenshaw. 
Nurse:  Dr. Walters? 
Doctor: Me, nurse...You Mr. Bertenshaw, she Sister, you doctor. 
Sister: No, doctor. 
Doctor: No doctor: call ambulance, keep warm. 
Nurse:  Drink, doctor? 
Doctor: Drink doctor, eat Sister, cook Mr. Bertenshaw, nurse me! 
Nurse:  You, doctor? 
Doctor: ME doctor!! You Mr. Bertenshaw. She Sister! 
Mr. B:  But my wife, nurse... 
Doctor: Your wife not nurse. She nurse, your wife patient. Be patient, 
        she nurse your wife. Me doctor, you tent, you tree, you Tarzan, me 
        Jane, you Trent, you Trillo...me doctor! 

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