Title: The Trial
            From: Monty Python's Flying Circus
  Transcribed By: Jonathan Partington ( JRP1@PHX.CAM.AC.UK )
Bailiff (Cleese): I'm sorry I'm late, m'lud, I couldn't find a kosher car
		  park.  Don't bother to recap, m'lud, I'll pick it up as we go
		  along.  Call Mrs Fiona Lewis.
(Enter Chapman, in drag)
Fiona Lewis (Chapman):	I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing
			but the truth, so anyway, I said to her, I said, they
			can't afford that on what he earns, I mean for a start
			the feathers get up your nose, I ask you, four and
			sixpence a pound, and him with a wooden leg, I don't
			know how she puts up with it after all the trouble
			she's had with her you-know-what, anyway, it *was* a
			white wedding, much to everyone's surprise, of course
			they bought everything on the hire purchase, I think
			they ought to send them back where they came from, I
			mean you've got to be cruel to be kind, so Mrs Harris
			said, so she said she said she said, a dead crab she
			said she said?	well her sister's gone to Rhodesia,
			what with her womb and all, and her youngest, fit as a
			filing cabinet, and the goldfish, the goldfish, they've
			got whooping-cough, they keep spitting water at the
			Bratbys, well they *do*, don't they, I mean, you
			*can't*, can you, I mean they're not even married or
			anything, they're not even *divorced*, and he's in the
			KGB if you ask me, he says he's a tree surgoen, but I
			don't like the sound of his liver, all that squeaking
			and banging every night till the small hours, well, his
			mother's been much better since she had her head off,
			don't you talk to me about bladders, I said...

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