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Become a Protector

Infinite Crisis blends RPG and strategy to create a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) in the DC Comics multiverse.

  • Recruit a Multiverse of Champions
  • Iconic DC Locations
  • Shape How You Fight
  • Witness Real Destruction

Recruit a Multiverse of Champions

Command the largest roster of playable heroes and villains ever assembled from DC Comics – Batman to the Joker, Wonder Woman to Doomsday.

Play champions inspired by the 52 worlds of the DC Multiverse, where heroes and villains are shaped by post-apocalypse Earth, living nightmare landscapes, and an alternate age of steam-powered technology. Many more heroes and villains will be called to become champions in the coming months.

Iconic DC Locations

Gotham Divided: Tri-lane havoc meets modern twists in this destructive 5v5 where realities collide. Conquer the urban jungle to unlock and upgrade deployable health, speed, and disable skills. Provoke and vanquish the Leviathan boss to repurpose its weapons and obliterate your enemies.

Coast City: A faster two-lane 5v5, Coast City demands fresh and flexible strategy. Balance lane advancement with controlling critical objectives in the double-sized urban jungle. Upgrade your drones by capturing Power Relays, and choose whether or not to contest the mighty Doomsday Device.

Gotham Heights: Jump into instant action on this capture-and-hold 5v5, where team fights break out early and often over control of the Orbital Cannon, a tide-turning objective that unleashes meteor storms and huge Assault Drones.

Shape How You Fight

Enhance your champions with Stolen Powers and Augments. Even alter the items they use with powerful Mods. Find the optimal strategy or flip the script and play a curveball creation.

Augments: Enhance your champion’s stats to be an early-game threat or a late-game powerhouse. The choice is yours!

Mods: Perfect your favorite builds by lowering the cost or enhancing the strength of your preferred artifacts.

Stolen Powers: Mix and match unique powers to compliment your role and strategy. Throw cars, call down meteors, place surveillance cameras, and more!

Real Destruction

Throw cars and fallen meteors into enemy teams and tear apart entire maps using heroic and villainous powers. With real destruction, you can tear down whole structures while destroying your enemies.


Starting a Match

Click the "Play Game" button to open the map selection screen.

Selecting a Map

To get started, select a map and click the Solo, Group, or Custom button. Solo will initiate a skill-based algorithm to gather ten Protectors and divide them into two teams of five, ensuring each team is balanced against the other. Group allows you to invite up to four friends for a public match, and Custom allows a private match of 10 friends.

Champion Select

Once 10 Protectors are gathered you will enter the Match Lobby and begin Champion Select, where you choose a hero or villain to control in battle. You can also choose two Stolen Powers and a custom Amplifier Set.

Your First Match

Knowledge is power, Protector. Learn the essentials of combat below and triumph in the coming trials.


Press the 'P' key to open the Artifact Foundry and buy powerful items for your champion. These items, called Artifacts, can only be purchased at base or during respawn but you can open and browse the Foundry at any time.


Credits, used to buy Artifacts, are dropped by defeated drones. Move over a dropped credit to pick it up. Deliver the final blow to a drone to instantly acquire a higher sum of credits.

Tip: Enemies can move over your dropped credit to remove it from play, denying all-important income.


Ally drones appear at your team's base, moving down each lane and attacking enemies. Drones prefer fighting other drones or turrets, but will attack on you if you attack an enemy champion near them.

Tip: Last-hit a drone to instantly receive the highest amount of Credit, otherwise you must fight any enemy champions for the dropped currency.


Turrets are durable and deadly structures that defend lanes and Bases, firing on enemies who come within range.

Always attack enemy turrets with a wave of drones as turrets will attack the first target in range. Moreover, enemy turrets will immediately target you if you attack an enemy champion within its range. Exercise extreme caution when fighting near enemy turrets, especially at lower levels.

Urban Jungle

Beyond a map's lanes is the Urban Jungle, a hidden expanse filled with stealth pads, neutral creature camps, and important objectives. Seasoned protectors can move through the jungle killing creature camps to gain experience and Credits at the risk of encountering the enemy team at any moment.

Tip: Protectors experienced in the urban jungle will sometimes ask for help with neutral creatures or suggest a surprise attack; communication and cooperation with your jungler can often lead to victory.

New Player Advice

  • Avoid falling to an enemy champion, which makes them stronger by rewarding experience and Credits.
  • Low Health? Find a safe location and press the 'B' key and teleport to Base, where you'll automatically heal.
  • Avoid being too aggressive, putting yourself on the far side of enemy territory without allies to support you in combat.

The trials begin.